Why Full-time Bloggers Need to Hire Virtual Assistants

Bloggers are amazing people.

Every day I come across stories about people who started their own blog and now earn a full-time income. This is incredible and in a funny way I am “proud” of them – I don’t know you, but kudos to you for doing it so well.

But now what? How do you continue to grow without working more hours per week? How do you come up with content week after week that engages your readers?

And how can you possibly do all of the tasks you “should” do each week? Like starting an email newsletter? Wait, you have to create MORE content?

The answer is yes and no.

You need more content and ideas, but you don’t have to create it yourself. You need help!

Virtual assistants are everywhere and they may be just what your blog needs. Instead of hiring a big marketing company that could take away the personality in your blog (which is why readers followed you in the first place, by the way), find someone who can take smaller tasks off of your plate so you can focus on the big stuff.

Imagine the following:

You wake up each day and work on a blog post. It’s a topic you’re passionate about and you can’t seem to type the words fast enough.

Meanwhile, SOMEONE ELSE is answering/organizing emails, scheduling posts, creating Pinterest graphics, adding to your editorial calendar, keeping you updated on trends, updating old blog posts for SEO purposes, re-purposing old content for today’s readers and the list goes on and on.

You do what you love and someone else takes care of the administrative tasks. Obviously this means money coming out of your pocket BUT think of the time you’ll have back and the additional money you’ll have coming in due to their help. It is truly a win-win.

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So what is holding you back from hiring a virtual assistant?

How do I find the right assistant?

I understand it is nerve-wracking to consider handing over tasks to someone else. After all, you have readers because they love YOU. That’s why you need to be particular about who you hire. An assistant can make or break your business and you can either go through assistant after assistant after assistant, or you can find someone once and have a long-term working relationship. You can also let your readers know that you have someone working for you! Introduce them so readers understand that communication is going to be filtered, but it may also mean they get answers more quickly through social media or email since you have an extra set of hands.

You can find an assistant in many ways – there are sites with tons of virtual assistants that are assigned to you, you can use sites like Upwork (I’ve found clients through Upwork) or you can ask your peers for referrals. I guarantee you know bloggers who use assistants (and maybe you didn’t know for a long time because the assistant was THAT good!)

How much do I pay a virtual assistant?

I totally understand – paying someone with no guarantee of making extra money from their work is uncomfortable. But think of other ways you’ll be “paid”, like having more FREE TIME! Make sure you consider what you are paying for. This is not the time to go cheap (or break the bank). If you want someone to work for you long-term, please don’t expect them to work for little money. You’ll get poor performance or you’ll be looking for a new assistant in a short amount of time. Quickly asking this question in Google gets a range of answers, from $15-$35.

Also consider if there are additional ways to “pay” your assistant. Depending on the work they do for you, perhaps a link to their website and services would allow you to pay them on the lower end of the spectrum and still get effective work from them. Or maybe you know another blogger who could use some help and you both “share” the assistant and by giving him/her full-time work you can pay on the lower end – these are all ideas if you’re worried about cost.

But please don’t offer someone a job for the “experience”. Please don’t insult others by not offering payment.

Take away

When you feel stretched too thin, consider hiring a virtual assistant (or maybe more than one depending on your needs). Full-time bloggers cannot continue to do it all if they expect growth or long-term success. You’re going to get burnt out! There are many ways to find a virtual assistant, and it is imperative to be thorough during the hiring process to ensure you have found the right person!

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